FOXSYS – is specialized automotive consultancy, supporting clients and customers in the area of sales, project management, as well asdevelopment activities including prototyping and tool build for clients active on the OEM marketplace.

Foxsys is privately owned company, established in Liberec (CZE) with two owners

Petr Machacek and Ales Kopal, both with more than 20 years of experience in European and Asian automotive business. Among our core customers belongs automotive OEM‘s and Tier 1‘s. Our clients are leading automotive suppliers to this area. Currently we are active on mainly metal, suspension and interior parts. To our clients belongs producers of nature fiber materials and composites including carbon fiber, automotive glass components for interior use, as well as European leading tool maker of large stamping and injection molding tools, asian client producing high-end exhaust systems (including titanium exhaust system), or German high-precision aluminum part producer used in the area of engine, suspension and transmission.

Foxsys is based on previous independent operations

of the two co-owners expanding business from Prague to Düsseldorf in 2002 and further into second German office established in Munich in 2015. Recently in 2018 we have established 2 new offices in Liberec (which becomes Foxsys new Headquarters), and in Mladá Boleslav.We are able to offer to our customers support in the project from above locations. For delivery we can also organize logistic and warehousing services from cooperating warehouses in Rotterdam, Prague and Litovel  (Olomouc region).